Guitar Angel is the web home of musician David Goeglein. A guitarist and bass player for more than 20 years, he has performed live with several local rock bands and worked as a solo performer, composer, guitar tech, and instructor. David’s playing has a tasteful edge and versatile imagination that makes him ideal for studio work and custom music scoring.

David is located in Huntertown, Indiana, near the city of Fort Wayne. His latest album, Tales From The Avenue, is available for download on Bandcamp. Price is $7 for the album or $1 per track (12 tracks total). He is also available for custom music compositions, and studio guitar and bass tracks. Look for his YouTube channel in the near future where he will be offering gear demos, music news and tutorials. 

Visit for more information. He can be reached at

David Goeglein, Guitar Angel, Sassafras Hollow, Lindenwood Nature Preserve
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